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Antiques, Art and Craftwork


Duomo of Siena (Via P.A. Mattioli 12; tel. 0577 45006; www.ceramicart1.com/index.html) Ceramics and handmade craft.

Il Girasole (Via S.Pietro 48; tel. 0577 45942; www.il-girasole.it/) Silk painting, mosaic, papier-maché, painting, and decoupage.

Sator Print (Piaggia del Giuggiolo 7; tel. 0577 247478) Maintenance and restoration of contemporary & ancient books, maps, and documents.

Vetrate Artistiche Toscane (Via della Galluzza 5; tel. 0577 48033; www.glassisland.com) Handmade stained glass artwork and stained glass window restoration and installation.



Antiquariato Taddeucci (Via di Città 136; tel. 0577 289160, Fax 0577 289160; open 10am- 1pm & 3.30-7.30pm, but Sun) Ancient pieces of furniture, ornaments, paintings. Restoration and estimating.

Antichità Mazzoni 1889 (Piazza S. Giovanni 5, tel. 347.5723905; open 10am-1pm & 4-8pm but Sun) Antique pieces of furniture and paintings.

La Bottega (Via Cecco Angiolieri 38, tel. 392. 0590933; open 9.30am- 1pm & 3.30-7.30pm but Sun) Frames, guilding, and restoration.

Itinera (Via dei Pellegrini 17; tel. 0577 288939, Fax 0577 288939; open 10am- 1pm & 3.30-7.30pm but Sun) Prints, ancient maps, and books.

CMC Antichità (Piazza Indipendenza 3-4; tel. 0577 284480, Fax 0577 284480; open 10am-1pm & 3.30-7.30pm, but Sun) Antiques.

La Bottega (Via Cecco Angiolieri 5; tel. 347 781663; open 9am-1pm & 4-7.30pm, but Sun & Mon mornings in winter, closed Sat afternoons & Sun in summer) Antiques.