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Where to Buy

Bianchi di Sopra and Via di Citta have a wide variety of expensive boutiques to satisfy any style. Cafes and fod shops are very delicious in Siena and in many you will find wine, pasta, biscuits, sweets, desserts and the delectable panforte (A quite expensive speciality which comes in a wide range of varieties of flavours of which you may have to pay from €20 to €30). If you are looking for quality, Antica Drogheria Manganelli (Via di Citta 71-73, tel. 280002) is the place. Its panforte has been famous for over 130 years.

You will find Prada, Gucci, Armani, Ferragamo, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Damiani, Cartier, Versace and Hermes on Banchi di Sopra.


Beware…Siena is a tourist-oriented destination and prices are generally high. But there are some wonderful and affordable items to be found. In the following Where to Buy pages, we have listed many places that you can find great and affordable clothes, shoes, souvenirs, ceramics, and other great items.